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Re: [Mgs] Trans-ship me a gasket!

To: "Richard Ewald" <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Trans-ship me a gasket!
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 16:13:08 -0500

Me'thinks the USPO needs to give their staff a quick kick up the 
proverbial.  I was in and out our Canadian PO in less than ten 
minutes and that included me not filling in the forms in advance 
(what's in it, return address & such).  A friend who came in behind 
me teased me saying I was holding up the queue !!!

At 02:01 PM 1/18/2009, Richard Ewald wrote:
>I have no idea what dealing with the post office is like in your 
>country, but here in the US to ship something by post office will 
>take at least one hour of an employee's time.  At least when ever I 
>go to ship something it always seem to take at least 1 hour.
>That time is not free.  during that one hour the employee will not 
>be taking orders, packing shipments or whatever his regular job is.
>So not only will the company have to pay his wages, benefits etc, 
>they will have to get someone else to fill in his shoes while he is 
>at the post office.
>Compare that to the convenience that FedEx offers, and from the 
>company point of view it is a no brainer.  The post office loses.
>Why is it that many American companies I have dealt with don't have 
>the option of cheap surface mail but rather (with no option offered) 
>they stick it in an express parcel delivery service?  I don't need 
>the thing overnight!
>Does this sound reasonable... feasible... plausible?


Barrie Robinson
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