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[Mgs] The day an MGA was admitted into the Concours Italiano

Subject: [Mgs] The day an MGA was admitted into the Concours Italiano
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 14:26:57 EST
Anybody remember a story that was in Road and Track (I believe that's where  
I read it) about the owners of an MGA that they put a piece of high density 
foam  on the front of his car and shaped it to appear somewhat like an  early 
Ferrari Barchetta.. Then drove it up to Pebble Beach and somehow  convinced the 
Credentials Dept to allow him to take part in the Concours  Italiano! 
Where the car was allowed to go along with all of the real Ferraris up  17 
mile drive to the site of that years Concours Italiano gathering where people  
remarked how wonderful it was that the owner had left the early "Ferrari  
racer" (or the MGA with it's sculptured foam front end) "intact" with  all it's 
dents, dings and damage suffered by the front end over its  "long and 
racing career" The owner of the MGA and his coworkers had  managed to spray 
the entire car with spay cans of bright Red enamel to  further the Ferrari 
ruse. Although they claimed that their initial  intention wasn't to make 
fraudulent claims that the car was a Ferrari but  to see how far into the 
gathering they could get before being discovered  as a being nothing more than 
very crude knock off and the patina and  provenance was as a result of a lack 
having the proper tools  to shape to high density foam properly. Still they 
managed to pull off the  ruse.
Albert Escalante CCBCC - Left Coast  
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