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[Mgs] barn finds do exist!

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Subject: [Mgs] barn finds do exist!
From: "oliver" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 14:43:59 -0500
i found this thing on craigslist of all places.

since my previous experience is with the 73 B roadster

I've pulled cars out of sleep before so i'm ready for all that.  but i'm 
going to need some hand holding here.

1.  What's the best shop manual?
2.  I hit the starter button and get nothing.  the horn and lights work. 
can someone give me a couple quick pointers as to where to head?
3.  Recommendations on possibly "unfogging" that back plastic?
4.  How does the shift knob attach?  There's this weird 8 ball shift knob, 
and the metal knob that i have does seem to fit.
5.  What size are the tires and are they hard to find
6.  Any hints about driving this thing and the suicide doors?  Any cautions 
or btdt i should avoid?
7.  I hear these tops are weird; hard to put up and down. 
instructions/helpful suggestions?  I'm a little worried about putting this 
one down given its age.

thanks!  i'm looking forward to driving this thing!

its name is Sallie.  my wife said "its such a girl" 
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