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Re: [Mgs] Buy your T Series MG for $650???

Subject: Re: [Mgs] Buy your T Series MG for $650???
From: Ron Engelhardt <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 13:36:27 -0700
Heh, I just got one of those in the mail too. I don't think I'll be 
taking them up on their offer ;-)

58 MGA wrote:

> Forwarded from the T-series list:
> California and San Francisco Bay Area T series owners should get a laugh out
> of the letter, paraphrased below that I recently got from the Bay Area Air
> Quality Management District:
> "Dear Vehicle Owner:
> Since the registration on your model year 1951 vehicle is expiring soon,
> please consider an alternative to driving this vehicle.    You can receive
> $650 for your 1987 or older car, van or pickup truck from the Bay Area Air
> Quality Management District and help reduce air pollution.
> The District's Buy Back Program buys and then scraps 1987 and older vehicles.
> These older vehicles have less efficient emission control equipment and
> therefore produce much more air pollution than newer vehicles.  This program
> is completely voluntary.  If your car is a classic car or otherwise valuable
> to you, please disregard this letter."
> Needless to say I will be disregarding the letter.  No wait, I think I'll
> write the BAQMD and ask why they are wasting my taxpayer funds to mail these
> letters out to owners of cars as old as mine.   Any car of this age still
> registered and in operation is already a classic and more valuable to the
> owner than the $650 offered. Still I wonder if the "program is completely
> voluntary" provision will someday be rescinded?
> Time to write your legislators and express your opinions now?
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