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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 17:45:11 -0500
I just went through the same issues.  I converted from a Weber back to SUs.
The pump I was using with the Weber was to high in pressure, the Weber will
tolerate more variance than the SUs.  I tried the regulator route and ended
up on the side of the road twice.  It seems like the regulators are more for
taking 20lbs. down to 5 or 6 not to take 10 down to 3.  The regulator
completely stopped the fuel from flowing at all, and this was hit or miss,
talk about a pain when on the freeway.  Anyway I ended up getting a new pump
from Napa, it is part no. P74029, it has a lifetime warranty and cost 59.50.
It was a little more than I wanted to spend since I had a working pump to
start with.  As an aside, I walked into NAPA and asked to look at their book
to locate a pump with the 3-4 pounds of pressure I needed and they were very
helpful.  (this pump is very quiet, it runs constantly, no CLICK CLICK

Hope this helps someone.

Chad '72B

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Ok, so I have 2 issues with the '76B - the fuel pump doesn't, and the
starter. Addressing the former first -

The pump isn't pumping. It make a constatnt humming and ticking noise (not
the usual tick-tick-tick). After letting
it run for 5+ minutes, it hasn't pumped any gas into the fuel filter in the
engine compartment. It's an off-brand sort
of pump, not an original to the car. Here is what it sounds like -

New SU's from Moss are $150 or so. I know some people run generic pumps with
a pressure regulator of some sort, from a
FLAPS. I'm interested in experiences with those sorts of pumps, since we are
recovering from a series of money outflows
and I would rather go cheap to get the car back on the road ;-) The current
pump in the car is an off-brand Autopulse pump -

Any thoughts are appreciated.

 Dan D
Central NJ USA
'76 MGB Tourer
Support Team.Net

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