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Re: [Mgs] setting timing MGA 1500

To: "Eric Markley" <>, "Tom Gunderson"
Subject: Re: [Mgs] setting timing MGA 1500
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 08:48:51 -0000
Depends what he is slackening.  He said 'clamps' i.e. plural, and if this 
means the two bolts that secure the clamping plate to the block then this 
only gives a few degrees, which is enough to cater for normal servicing 
timing changes.  If it's the single clamp bolt on the clamping plate itself 
then with that slack the distributor should rotate 360 degrees (unless the 
vacuum capsule hits anything along the way).  If you can get to the two 
bolts into the block that is a preferable way of altering the timing than 
keep slackening and tightening the clamp bolt, which as you say eventually 
damages the body of the distributor through overtightening (which is easy to 
do) and then the distributor starts jumping out.

Simple changing of a head shouldn't have changed the timing, but of course 
it would affect the valve clearances.  There could be a vacuum leak on the 
intake side, and the carb settings could have been upset while they were off 
especially if they were separated.  Could also be a change in compression 
ratio with a new head.


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> I would think the distributor would rotate at least thirty degrees, if not
> forty-five. 


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