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Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 09:19:41 -0000
While touring Australia I came across a copy of the Adelaide Hills magazine
which included a humorous article on a Christmas (summer remember) day trip
from the Adelaide Hills to the Murray River and back, penned by a 'Mr Toad',
in which Mrs Toad had insisted on going in the MGB.  I won't repeat it all,
but some parts raised a smile:

"William Morris built his reputation on the Morris Cowley, then a
promotion-seeking minion took it upon himself to paint one in bright colours,
add lots of polished alloy, soup-up it's engine, and present it for Morris's
approval.  Almost speechless, he could only manage 'My God!'.  And the cars
have been known as MGs ever since."

"Mrs Toad was woken with a start when the MGB's exhaust crackles off the rock
walls.  In the 1960s the British Motor Corporation graded their cars by the
noise of the exhausts:  the Morris Minor made a gentle farting sound, the
Wolseley a more refined burble, while the most intrusive racket was reserved
for the MGB.  This gave occupants a fashionable headache and an illusion of
power.  MG's motto was 'Safety Fast' - safety assured by the fact that the
cars did not go very fast at all."

After too long with Mrs Toad sampling the products of a local winery in the
afternoon in rising temperatures (it was 43C/109F while we were there) Toad
comments "I have my usual tussle with Mr Lucas's electrics and head for home,
Mrs Toad caring not that the needle on the temperature gauge is on its second
lap of the dial."

Surprisingly three frog-eye Sprites spotted while in Melbourne, but just one
MGB in Adelaide and an MGF in Sydney.

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