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Subject: Re: [Mgs] MGB-GT windshields
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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 08:50:27 -0000
I'd heard the roadster glass was changed during production, but haven't come 
across about changes to GT glass, in the UK at least.  For various reasons 
I've had to have the glass changed in both my roadster and V8 twice each, 
and the roadster is a far bigger job than the GT.  I have a blind pal who 
single-handedly fitted both GT screens (bar the bright trim) having never 
come across one before, and with no specialist tools.  It's a relatively 
simple job if you are using old rubber, it is new rubber that causes the 
problem.  It is sticky so you can't slide the glass down the slot part of 
the way then lift the edges over for the rest, but have to lay it over the 
surround and lift the edge over all the way round which takes a lot longer. 
The recesses for the bright trim are also smaller making those more 
difficult to refit.  My first GT replacement used the old rubber, the second 
had new.

You might like to have a look at and click on 'Screens'.


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Subject: [Mgs] MGB-GT windshields

>   Does anyone who has replaced a windshield lately have advice on on the
> windshield glazing rubber?
>   Word around in our club is that NOS glass is thicker than today's
> Pilkington replacement glass and that today's glazing rubber is sized to
> today's glass, and that too-tight glazing will cause the thicker glass to
> crack during installation.
>   This may, or may not, be true.  If someone has a recent windshield,
> could you measure it so we can know for sure.
>   I have a NOS Pilkington tinted windshield, still in the wrapper, that
> will replace an aftermarket glass that came when I bought this car some
> years and many stone dings ago.
> Thanks
> Bob
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