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[Mgs] Project for Barney ? ! ?

Subject: [Mgs] Project for Barney ? ! ?
From: strovato at (Steven Trovato)
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 17:01:13 -0400
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I'm no accident reconstruction specialist, but I'm guessing that 
something fell on the car while it was parked.  At least that's what 
I'm going to keep telling myself.  I wonder if any of the heavy 
equipment in the background played a part in the incident.  As for 
parting it out, you really think you could get $2500 out of that?

-Steve Trovato
strovato at

At 01:15 AM 4/28/2012, Barney Gaylord wrote:
>Obviously someone got killed in that one.  I'd like to see a video 
>of that accident, just to see what caused all the body damage.  It 
>looks like a mostly complete car.  Pity the frame is bent.  Would 
>make a nice kit car if you chuck the body.  If it was closer to home 
>I might turn it into $2500 in parts.

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