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[Mgs] Starter update and another question

Subject: [Mgs] Starter update and another question
From: William Killeffer <>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 23:28:33 -0400
You may remember me asking about starter trouble on a 1974 MGB recently. I
decided to drop the starter and get a closer look at everything. While the
starter was off the car, I gave all the wiring fastened to it a good cleaning.
Then, I cleaned the ground strap area under the hood, and cleaned everything
associated with the battery terminals. A test at Autozone determined that the
starter was locked up, so I put a new warranted starter in this afternoon. It
spins up nicely and sounds like it turns faster than any previous starter that
I have had on the car.

Now, I know questions about the lights get asked all the time, but I want to
make sure I do not miss anything. A few years ago, I added relays into the
headlamp and hi-beam circuits, and all seemed well until about last November,
when the starter began to act up.

When I turn the headlamps on, the headlamps themselves come on, but no other
lights do. No marker lights nor tail-lights. The brake lights still work, as
do the turn signals.

I am trying to remember where to check the voltage for the tail-lights at the
fuse box, and how to check if power is making it back to the tail-light

This sort of thing is most frustrating cause I cannot think of any good reason
for the lights to stop working. They just stopped.

Thank you,

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