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Re: [Mgs] another oil question? really?

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] another oil question? really?
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Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 06:52:43 -0400 s=q20140121; t=1404816763; bh=PBChS+i7JAHJczqNHfrPPh2RbXhl5tS8ZHalU5fe1Os=; h=Received:Received:Message-ID:Reply-To:From:To:Subject:Date: MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=p+4/2WrO+vP3locXXe8dYrc5qMB2iwaxZmBUueFEY11AZC8DfuXG/tB/T/ZNut7W3 KyiIwD0KFycCPnv5w+2MUD/G0SBV0cJdje1vcOJEitB2Y0fuTTh58peRwuNgdU2fYn 42XYDzfuxXXjRas8z9I2Wrap1KpnRNUXEch0Numz3boDfAJirTUYz7YRQFb9/DJ4ig aURgvXlVkgXqSJ70/y8NdoizTImYspiLmNy0FUNO3sl3HPT5xEi61rHRc5PozOkIST CuXGE1otmQDGDbO3Zdg39NU6zO/DrIATYV8rgQgKAMcEBfEK8dCQ9MlueA4eAlchAu RAPz5oCynCQbw==
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> And I doubt that an engine that burns regular oil would burn less if
> switched to synthetic oil. A higher viscosity may help it burn a little 
> less. Maybe.
> Eric Russell
> Mebane, NC

Burning, yes, but, could a synthetic prevent an engine from leaking as much? 
Clearly an MGA engine is going to leak a bit from the rear main where there 
is no seal, but do synthetics have any "swelling agent" to help seal 
elsewhere?  Thirty years ago, synth was thought to cause leakage from the 
seals, but that problem has been corrected (if it even existed).

'62 MGA 

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