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Subject: Re: [Mgs] new steering rack
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Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 09:16:59 +0100
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Yes, cut the little tie off, then attach a new one afterwards.  Doesn't need 
to be gorilla tight though, just nipped, so you can adjust the tracking 

I'm not familiar with what you have, but have made what sounds to be much 
the same thing to measure the toe.  Mine has a pointer each side that you 
position against a specific point in the centre of the tread, with the car 
moved back and fore so that point moves between in front and behind i.e. 
through 180 degrees, and always in horizontal alignment with the centre of 
the stub axle when you take a measurement.  The important thing is to take 
the measurements at the same point on the tyres, anything else will be 
subject to tyre distortions and positioning on the wheel.

I knew Moss were supplying grease-packed, but not heard of an adjustment 
screw.  Is that in place of the shims?  Can't see why that would need 
maintenance, in fact giving someone an adjustment screw instead of taking 
the time to set up the shims correctly in the factory seems sloppy to me, 
and asking for trouble with those who see an adjustment screw and decide to 
fiddle with it.


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> The rack boots come secured with tie wraps. While trying to do an 
> alignment, the boots turned with the rod. Should I cut of the tie wrap and 
> put a new one on after finishing?


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