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Subject: [Mgs] TD work
From: Richard Lindsay via Mgs <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 12:36:18 -0500
Hello Friends,
   Great progress on the TD today. First up, I completed the seat
re-contouring. I first removed covering from the back of the seat

   I pulled about a million long staples from the hard marine grade
plywood that I used.

   By the time I got them all out my hands were red and sore.

   After that, I got quite busy reshaping foam and forgot to take
pictures. I did take a nice picture after re-contouring the foam and
reattaching the upholstery. Here's how it looks back in the car.

   Lots better and more comfortable.

   As for the brake master cylinder, I am going to have it put in at
my mechanic's shop. It will be so much easier to replace once its on a
lift. We'll then re-bleed the whole system. More when that happens.




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