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Re: [Mgs] MGA 1500

Subject: Re: [Mgs] MGA 1500
From: Eric Russell via Mgs <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2019 14:14:40 -0400
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Not right. A DPO (Damn Previous Owner) must have done that.

The shut face panel (#18 here: 
slightly overlaps the forward edge of the rear fender. Have you removed 
that? It shouldn't be necessary to do so but it might make it easier to 
see how the fender was previously "repaired".  If has been welded to the 
B-pillar you'll have to cut through the weld beads.

Eric Russell
Mebane, NC
> The front wings came off ok; the rear wings appear to be welded at the door
> sills.  Is this how it came?

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