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[Mgs] Free fire damaged MG parts near Santa Cruz

Subject: [Mgs] Free fire damaged MG parts near Santa Cruz
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 22:04:58 -0700
My friend Pete posted this on facebook.  Long story short, he pretty much lost 
everything in the fire a couple months ago.

TLDR; lots of free stuff, but youâ??ve got to come get it, and soon.

FREE - Near Santa Cruz CA, anything useful - come rescue it.
72 MGBGT and 73 MGB roadster. BGT was under lengthy restoration, while roadster 
was nearly completed and gorgeous, motor was out on stand before massive 
wildfire. Roadster has intriguing international spy-ring connection.
30 years of NOS and used parts on destroyed racks and shelves, lots of original 
bumpers and "new" sheetmetal for GT. Everything badly burned, bent, and melted 
in fires. Anything identifiable/useful is free for the taking before the lot 
gets cleared and it all gets scrapped (imminent). Our heavy rainy season begins 
shortly after Halloween and it's also in dire threat of mud-flows. Cannot 
ship/store/hold in any way. Contact me via PM for details. Not following any 
auto groups for a while, until my heart begins to heal.
(Lemons race car has been rescued for miraculous resurrection #4)

Larry Colen

Suggested annual donation  $12.75


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