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Subject: RE: Overseas Insurance
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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 17:50:19 -0500
Insurance for you to drive your own car in the UK can be had but it could be
difficult.  After all, it is an above normal risk, and a lot of paperwork,
etc. for not much of a premium.  A little background:  In 1996, while on
holiday, we bought a scruffy but honest 1966 Mini Cooper.  Being the Prince
he is, Uncle Melvyn enthusiastically said he would store the little almond
green beastie at his works AND go through the car to make it safe, reliable,
and MoTable for our holiday use in 1998.  I finally did get insurance, and
the company and its agent were very helpful BUT . . . . . . . . .In their
defense, they will be quite concerned/interested in where the car will be
"kept" during non-use.  I don't think they will want to hear "at the
kerbside outside of my B&B in London".  Before we made any advance B&B
accommodations, I casually asked what their parking situation was.  At our
London B&B, I was astonished when they said we could use their garage!  So .
. . .here's what we had to do to satisfy the insurance company:
1) We took along a car cover and covered the car when it sat outside at our
(rural) B&Bs.
2) First "souvenir" we bought (and used thereafter) was a "Club" we bought
at Halfords.
3) We had Melvyn install an electrical "kill switch", the "red key type"
like the racers use.  Remove and take key when vehicle was unattended.
4) We had Melvyn install a hidden kill switch for the electric fuel pump.
Worked a treat.

Thus the insurance company was happy and it really wasn't that painful for
us to comply.

We secured insurance through:   Aon Risk Services
                                                (Automotive Division)
                                                PO Box 27
                                                Falcon House
                                                The Minories
                                                West Midlands      DY2 8PF

 "Our" agent was Chris Jones whose title appeared to be Team Leader,
Automotive - Classic Car and his direct phone was (from the US) 011 44 1384
The insurance period was for 18 days and the premium was a "whopping" 78
GBP.  "Expensive" maybe, but to us it was a "bargain" for piece of mind.
BTW, Chris was extremely helpful.  Near the end of our holiday, we found out
our shipping company could not pick up our car on the last day.  I called
Chris and he extended our coverage for an additional day at NO COST, AND
send the extended one day coverage papers to our B&B for our protection.

Cheers, Craig Seibert    1961 4/4      1968 +8

PS  The Mini performed faultlessly for the 2+ weeks.  Two thousand miles of
country lanes and some "painful/noisy" (80 mph in a 998 cc car) hair-raising
motorway travel when required!

PPS In 1999 we even got a "renewal" notice mailed to us in the States!  I
did, out of courtesy, call and say the car had been exported and was sitting
in my garage now!

I am planning on shipping my '67 4/4 back to the UK for a face lift and then
a motor tour.  Alas my current insurance company does not provide coverage
the UK.  Any recommendations????

Richard Cooperman
'67 Morgan 4/4

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