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Morgan visits three in a week!

Subject: Morgan visits three in a week!
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 15:35:17 -0500
Just thought I would share a wurlwind  (sp?) trip with the list,

I had to go to VA to visit some board members, and managed to squeeze in
the following in a short visit

I was in Richmond, and went NW to see Rich Fohl near Doswell, and saw his
Lemans Dewalt racer, very nice.

He also has a a Morgan SS and a plus 8 racer he works on and with, thanks
to Dr. Fohl  for fitting me in his schedule.

Next I went to Maryland to visit Don Greimel who rebuilt my entire Super
Sports driveline, I very much enjoyed the hospitality and to hear it run
was just plain neat, he built a test stand for it, and those webers just
add that extra bit!  Thanks very much to Don

Last but not least I had to go to VA beach to visit another member, and 
had the chance to go to Pungo airfield and watch John Sheally do an
autocross, with this propane plus 8, of course his antique truck had the
crowd interested as well.  John can throw a morgan around well. John,
come get this snow and take it home!

this was a 6 day period flying out of Maine and drove 830 miles there so
to be lucky enough to get the morgans in on the side was alot of  fun
from way up here in Bangor Maine!

Best Regards,

Bob Bowie 

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