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Subject: [oletrucks] Re: Screeching sounds
From: "Mac Kinghorn" <kinghorn@granite.mb.ca>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 17:43:33 -0500
There seems to be a problem with noise from the front of the engine on
Smokey's 235 and the suggestions have been from removing belts and test
runnining on.

I had a problem with this type of noise this summer on my 216.  Started
looking into it and first thought that the generator fan/pulley was
contacting the face plate of the generator, tweaked a few of the blades,
tried it but the screech was still there.  Checked the water pump next but
as the water pump was still only about 3 years old with less than 4000 miles
on it I was not convinced that it was the problem.  Checked the belt and
found that it was still in really good shape with no signs of slipping.

Thoroughly puzzled I sat back and thought for a moment.  It occurred to me
that the last few times that I had changed the engine oil I had neglected to
add some 3-in-1 to the oil cups on the front and rear bearings of the
generator.  I promptly got the oil and added a considerable amount to the
cups before they started to overflow and would not take any more.  Curiously
I started the engine and low and behold the screech was gone.  I would
suggest that if your are still running the original generator check the oil
cups and make sure that they are topped up.  This may be all you need if the
bearings are starting to run dry.  If not good luck!!!

Keep on truckin

52 Chev 1300

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