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[oletrucks] aftermarket/reproduction parts

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Subject: [oletrucks] aftermarket/reproduction parts
From: "David Handley" <dph55@PDQ.net>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 18:29:54 -0800
After spending a somewhat rewarding weekend getting my 51 jimmy mostly
roadworthy ( new front end and brake job) I am reflecting on the quality of
parts I received to do the job. Has anyone else encountered the problem of
parts from faraway countries being less than good quality and not fitting
correctly? specifically I had trouble with tie rod and drag link kits and
brake hoses. I am wondering if some of this may be because I am one of those
oddballs with a GMC from the era when Chevy and GMC were NOT the same. GMC
was bigger and better built. My first conclusion was I was sold a bunch of
foreign substandard quality crap. Now I wonder if that is partly in error.
  I must say it was neat to tool around ;the neighborhood in  the old rascal
and watch the stares and pointing going on. Sort of a 25 or 30 year dream
come true for me too.
After rebuilding every component in the front end except the steering box it
drives very well, restoring my confidence in the old USA trucks.
Also after much bleeding and adjusting and bleeding and adjusting the brakes
are pretty good for the vintage. They will slow me down just about equal to
the accelerating capability, so I am quite satisfied.
Now if I can get my 16"wheels in here I will install the big truck tube type
tires and improve the ratio some more on top of the 65 Chevy rear end it
already has.
Would like to hear tales of GMC experience as well as mail order parts
Dave Handley
`1951 GMC 1/2 ton long box

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