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[oletrucks] Disc brakes for a 1-ton dually AD

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Subject: [oletrucks] Disc brakes for a 1-ton dually AD
From: "Rob Steinmetz" <rstein@sssnet.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 22:07:10 -0500
        I know we've all seen emails about this conversion on the list in the 
but I have a new take on it.  Is the P-series truck from later GM trucks a
suitable donor for disc brakes?  Can the whole axle be swapped out?  Can the
backing plates be moved over to the original solid axle on my '50 1-ton?
I've gone so far as to measure the axle of a P-series delivery truck, and
know that the distance from backing plate to backing plate is roughly 65
inches.  Is this close to the axle width of a 1-ton solid axle?
        I know that the P-series trucks normally come with 10-lug rotors.  I am
hoping there is a 8-lug hub and rotor out of another vehicle that will swap
in place of the 10-lug setup.  But, before I get too involved looking into
rotors, I would like to know if anyone has tried the P-series solid axle
sway to gain disc brakes.  The truck I measured was a mid eighties 1-ton,
but I am told even the newer P-series (parcel delivery) trucks have similar
        Any thoughts?
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