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[oletrucks] Sears compressor diagnosed, fixed by tomorrow maybe...

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Subject: [oletrucks] Sears compressor diagnosed, fixed by tomorrow maybe...
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 00:06:26 EST
    Thanks for all the help! I went out tonite to do some more 
troubleshooting, and decided to take the main line off from the head to the 
tank...imagine my surprise when I found it was putting out good pressure! I 
then found one of the brass compression fittings gone on the copper tube at 
the tank end, someone had used a rubber piece to try to seal it. Funny thing 
is, I couldn't hear it hissing, or feel any air coming out near there, but 
must have been. I then re-attached the tube to the head, and ran a high 
pressure hose to my remote tank...it built pressure up fine. Whew! Then, I 
found a leak at the head, I had noticed a dimple on the top plate seat , so I 
used some Liquid Steel to fix that, no more leak! So, looks like I need just 
a simple brass compression fitting now to complete the repairs, and get it 
    I did go the Sears repair center, and they pulled up a diagram, but it 
got blurry as the lady Zoomed in on it, so it was rather hard to tell if it 
was the correct compressor or not. I couldn't return the non-stocked gaskets 
either if I had ordered them with the wrong #, so I just wound up making my 
own from some auto store sheet gasket material. They worked fine. Thanks for 
your responses, I've learned alot about compressors, reed valves, and other 
useful stuff this week. Should have it running by the weekend, maybe do some 
work with my air tools for a change, lol. 'Preciate the help, keep on Ol' 
Truckin' !

itching to get some air tools moving on my Ol Suburban parts...sand blast 
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