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Subject: [oletrucks] RE: Question for seller -- Item #567449504
From: "Knapik, Robert J" <robert.j.knapik@intel.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 08:23:40 -0800
Hi Larry - yes I own a 58 GMC NAPCO 
unfortunately - mine is under restoration currently so I have
a few pics on my web site that show it pretty much how I 
got it. I've bought all the big stuff and just need to start 
putting it back together. As far as you 56 goes - the only thing
I "would" have had was the beautiful front clip that you can 
see in the pictures... one of my buddies bought that up the
first week I had the truck. Good luck in your search I'll
send you a note if I see anything.      

Bob Knapik - Mesa, AZ

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Hi Bob, The knobs are in good shape. I did not take it out of the truck so I

don't know if it works.I got it and some other parts with a 56 gmc that I 
bought for parts for my 56 . I saw your user ID. Do you have a 58 GMC 4
drive?  Ican't remember seeing one before in a gmc. I am looking for a 56
panel with windows. You wouldn't know where one of those are would you? 
Thanks for the interest, Larry 
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