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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Welding Goodies
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Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 17:21:48 EST
In a message dated 3/9/01 10:03:35 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
dkrehbiel@kscable.com writes:

<< I heard from someone on this list about a company called HTP America and so
 I got the catalog the other day. Seems to be a nice selection of tools at
 decent prices. I am considering a plasma cutter and they have a 110v model
 for $699. Havent seen one that cheap anywhere. If you want to check it out,
 1-800-USA-WELD. Does anyone know what I should be looking for in a plasma
 cutter? Are there varying qualities of cutters?
 Deve Krehbiel
 Hesston, Kansas
 1950 3100 * 1949 3600 * 1948 4400 * 50 3100
 www.speedprint.com/Deves50/index.htm >>

  I can't comment n HTP, but would suggest you do the following when buying a 
plasma cutter (welder too for that matter)

 Assuming the business has been around, and your feeling it will be around in 
the future...

  Consumable parts costs, tips can get expensive, and will add up.  Also look 
locally to make sure of avialability...nothing worse than having to wait a 
week for something when you have work to do.
  Duty cycle at full amprage, I wouldn't get anything less than 50% at full 
amprage...I speak from experience, my plasma cutter has  a 22% duty cycle a 
full amps...major PIA when doing anymore than a 2 inch quick cut.
  Torch igition, some require you to simply press a button to ignite, some 
require you to press the tip into the work...the latter makes it difficult to 
start a good consistent cut.
  Torch "feel", length of cable and length of ground are important too...i/e 
mine has about a 15-18 foot cable, my dad's has 25 or 30 feet of 
cable...guess which one I'd rather use?:)

  Of course price and warranty are a significant impact.

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