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[oletrucks] Value of 42 GMC wrecker

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Subject: [oletrucks] Value of 42 GMC wrecker
From: Bruce Kettunen <bekett@uslink.net>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 09:32:44 -0600
I ran across a '42 GMC wrecker at a location I won't disclose at 
this time.  The owner is old, but is still in business, and may be 
tempted to sell.

The unit is running and currently licensed.  It is kept inside.  
I didn't see a model designation on it anywhere and didn't want to 
go poking around too obviously.  The unit has been repainted at some 
point and there are some small patches here and there, (door bottom,
fender bottom) where it appears he pop riveted some tin over a rust 
hole.  No significant body damage, interior looks original and reasonably 
good shape other than deteriorated paint.  All exterior chrome (grille 
and hood side trim) is in place and in pretty good shape.

Dual tires in back.  Single boom wrecker body with PTO winch.

The owner insists it is a '42, one of only two that made it to town 
in late '41 before the war closed things down.  The other was a pickup 
that is long gone.  I don't have a serial number to verify this. 
He has owned it since new.

I don't know what engine it has, other than that it is some kind 
of inline 6.  It has a stick shift transmission, but don't know how 
many gears.

Now the question.  What would a truck like this be worth?  I'm looking 
for a fair value, not trying to take advantage of him.

Bruce Kettunen
57 3200
Mt. Iron, MN

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