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[oletrucks] TF door locks

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Subject: [oletrucks] TF door locks
From: "Hanlon, Bill" <Bill.Hanlon@COMPAQ.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:19:48 -0600
My 57 GMC 102 has a key lock in the driver's outside door handle, but none
on the 
passenger's side.  Over the weekend I ran into a guy with a 55-2 who also
only has 
one key lock, but his is in the passenger's door.  I have a feeling that
mine is wrong 
because the "cut" part of the key faces up as it is inserted into the lock.

I assume that I could find another lock cylinder, have it re-keyed to match
and install it in the passenger's door.

Any comments?
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