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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 13:52:47 EDT
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> Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 08:31:15 -0400
> From: "Dingo" <Dingo@centurytel.net>
> Subject: Fw: [oletrucks] have you ever
> >A roll pan makes it's strength from it's shape...the roll. A rolled piece
> of
> >paper, even a half roll, is stronger than a flat paper. Translates to
> steel
> >too. A roll pan usually has an inner bead across the bottom and top, sides
> >too. Call it a flange if you will, for bolting/welding purposes. This
> gives
> >the panel it's strength.
> >  I read long ago, to drill the holes for exhaust pipes once the panel is
> in
> >place, bolted in. Then drill/cut holes thru panel, either notching it or a
> >round hole for pipe(s). THEN take vehicle to dependable muffler shop to
> >route exhaust thru hole, centering pipe in opening. Pipe should be very
> >firmly mounted to chassis to prevent bumping up against roll pan and
> ruining
> >finish. Lots of trial and error involved here......hope this helps.
> >
> >Ed in Mich
> >'57 3100
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> >Subject: [oletrucks] have you ever
> >
> >
> >>Has anyone ever tried to run their exhaust pipes through a roll pan.
> How
> >>would you or how did you do it.
> >>Thanks
> >>Brian
> >>p.s.-does a roll pan need some inner support for strength.

Take it from a guy who's been there, done that - in a roundabout way. Before 
you cut or drill into your pan, take it to the place that's going to be 
installing your exhaust system, and make sure they can run the exhaust to the 
you want it to exit. If there's something in the way that prevents them from 
running your exhaust to one of the holes you've already drilled, you not only 
get to try again with the drilling, but you get to practice hole patching.

Saw a buddy spend a lot of time and money sculpting both rocker panels for 
exhaust exits on a F&@d pick up once, only to find out later that his reserve 
gas tank was in the way, and the dual exhaust had to be routed over to the 
passenger's side to clear it. He ended up with the beautifly sculpted exhaust 
on the passenger's side only, and undoing all the work on the driver's side.
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