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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 02:11:24 -0000
Contact Lee Hubbard @ (337)383-7000.  He is redoing a '55.2 GMC Suburban
and is mounting a Blazer tank in the rear.  I'm pretty sure he'd part
with the Burb tank.  My GMC Master Parts Book shows all 55.2-59 GMC 1/2,
3/4 and 1 ton Panel and Suburban using the same gas tank except for 4WD
models.  Best of my knowledge it is the same tank as a Chevy uses.  GMC
part # is 3718094.

I bought the 248 GMC engine and Hydra-Matic from Lee's Burb.  Tell Lee I
said hi!

Bill Hanlon
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Does anyone know of a source for replacement gas tanks for the 58 Chevy

panel truck.  What other year and model trucks had the stock tank
located between
the frame rail and the drive shaft?  This is one of the  last things
that I
need to get this truck back on the road.  I would prefer  not to place
the tank
behind the rear axle.

Thanks in advance for any help sent my way.

Rick Kremer
54 5 window
58 Panel

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