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[oletrucks] Bad Running problem and other ramblings

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Subject: [oletrucks] Bad Running problem and other ramblings
From: Bob Chansler <bobchansler@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 13:20:31 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks to several of you who responded to my poor running 56 -235 engine. Most
of the comments suggested a fuel problem. Well it was sorta fuel. This 56 came
from Calif and had a pcv valve. This must have been a dealer add on as the
flaps guys never could seem to find a replacement. So when I finally changed
the hoses a few months ago, it must have finally given up the ghost. I was
just like a straight thru pipe. I just plugged the port in the intake and the
engine ran fine. 
Of course in trying to get it running, the exhaust manifold
gasket blew out. With a new gasket it still wouldnt seal and I had to remove
the manifold. The mating surface was badly pitted, so I found manifold laying
in the corner. I was in much better shape, except I broke off a stud and had a
heck of a time getting that fixed. My local machine shop wouldnt work on it. I
got all that back in and the engine runs fine.
On to the next project. I had a
rebuilt guage cluster that I had for years and wanted to install. When the
temp gauge and the speedo went out, it was time for the swap. I wasnt sure how
the thing came out so I pulled it out far enough from the dash to get a wrench
on the oil line. I got it back in an it looked great. I started the car and no
oil pressure. Oh well, no big deal I thought. then I noticed a big puddle of
oil running out from under the truck. I had pulled the line out too far and
broke the line right at the lower fitting. Bummer.  I figured I would just
block the output until I could get a new line. Well, I couldnt find any of our
usual parts guys who sold the line. Then I remembered I had an old AD guage
out back and it still had the line on it. The fittings on the ends are the
same, but the AD line is about 6 inches longer which is probably a good thing
as you can pull the cluster out  far enough to get a wrench on the line
without having
 to crawl under the dash. Those of us who have a few extra pounds have a hard
time working under the dash.
The last fun project came on my 49 burb. The
battery tray was rusted thru and I was about to make up a new one. I looked at
it and thought this thing needs a bigger battery. The opening in the floor is
big enough for a bigger battery. I measured the tray from my 56 and figured
out that if I moved the right bracket over next to the running board strut,
you could get the larger group 78 battery in just like the 56. So I cut the
bracket off the frame, chopped the lip off the running board strut and welded
it all together. I dropped the tray in from the 56 and it was perfect fit. So,
if you want a bigger battery in your AD, just move the bracket over.
Bob Chansler
Mead, CO
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