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RE: [oletrucks] 56 V8 Conversion

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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] 56 V8 Conversion
From: "K Ohlgren" <kjohlgren@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 05:05:27 +0000
a TF truck is easy to convert to a v-8. 55-59 cars and trucks used front 
mounts on the motor and side mounts an the bell housing (the trans just 
hangs there) vs a newer chevy would have side mounts on the motor and a rear 
trans mount.

buy a v-8 bellhousing for a 55-59 car or truck and the motor mounts that LMC 
sell and it bolts right in with your trans. the bell housing must have the 
side mounts on it (other years may fit, those are the years i know fit).  it 
even uses the 6 cyl trans mounts. you will loose the floor starter as v-8s 
all had solinoid starters.

the motor mounts bolt to the front of the engine. if you have a period motor 
you will have the holes in the block. if not you will need to drill and tap 
the holes. all sbc motors have the machined surface where the motor mounts 
go (even a new GM crate motor with 1 piece rear seal), some have the holes 
for the mounts, as chevy bolted accesories on the motor using the same bolt 
pattern. if you have to drill new holes, the top right hole will go into the 
same space that the gas pump rod runs thru. just meke sure the bolt is 
correct length to not pin the rod. your 6 cyl front crossmember has the 
holes for the v-8 motor mounts punched in it. the LMC mounts fit, but if 
your after the period correct look, find a set out of an original v-8 55-59 
truck and bolt them in (factory mounts were riveted).

you will need all new accessory brackets (stock is generator only), center 
drop exhaust manifold (aka rams horn) (to clear the steering gear) with the 
generator mount on it and a new exhaust sytem. wiring is the same. short or 
long water pump will fit but the generator mount is for a short pump, the 
fan needs a spacer to get close to the radiator. if you have a fan shroud it 
will still work.

if you want to change to a newer trans to get overdrive or an automatic, 
then you need side motor mounts and a trans crossmember and mount. that 
would actualy be easier to find parts for.

i'm sure i left some out and other will chip in. write if you need more 

58 3100 Apache project
the "Duracell Project" it keeps going... and going...

>From: "Laurie  Whipple" <whipple@avci.net>
>Reply-To: "Laurie  Whipple" <whipple@avci.net>
>To: <oletrucks@autox.team.net>
>Subject: [oletrucks] 56 V8 Conversion
>Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 15:51:38 -0400
>Can anyone tell me what motor mounts and bell housing I would need to 
>my 56 TF 3800 to a SB V8?.  I plan on using the orginal 4psd transmission.
>  Can I use the V8 motor mounts that LMC Truck offers or do I need to buy a
>bolt-in/weld cross member?
>Kevin and Laurie
>56 TF 3800

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