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Re: [oletrucks] ETHICS Survey

To: Dan Bentler <dan.bentler48@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] ETHICS Survey
From: "mark@noakes.com" <mark@noakes.com>
Date: Fri, 01 May 2009 22:57:54 -0400
1--Do what you want; everyone will have an opinion but no one has the 
vested interest that you do. Don't worry what anyone thinks.

2--It's not a stock truck anyway so it would take quite a bit of work to 
make it stock. Many would object if you were hacking pristine vintage 
hardware, but you're not.

3--Keep very good records of what you spend and how long it takes and 
report to the group. From the political climate these days our vehicle 
hobby is going to have to change though I don't think anyone has an idea 
as to what it will look like in 5 -  10 years. This conversion would be 
one of many data points to consider. Some kind of a hybrid may be more 
realistic...but we could use the data anyway. I know of a couple of 
Corvair 95 pickup electric conversions but don't know any technical 
details, costs, or performance numbers...but the Corvair 95 weighs 
significantly less than a TF pickup.

4--How did you decide on a 50hp motor and its suitability per size for 
the vehicle, what battery technology are you going to use, where will 
you put the batteries (seems like filling the bed is the only option), 
how much will it cost, and what would you expect for life, charging 
time, etc.?

5--What's the intended use of the vehicle and what do you expect for 
range and performance?

Mark Noakes (yeah still around but not working on old trucks or anything 
else for now)
58/56 Chevy Suburban
58 GM NAPCO wideside

Dan Bentler wrote:
> I intend to convert a pickup to electric drive using AC motor and a VFD for 
> I want to do this with a 56 Chev pickup with non running engine.  Intend to 
>pull engine and transmission and couple motor right to drive shaft.  Motor 
>will be 50 HP.  I intend to change the truck minimally such that if I want to 
>I can put engine transmission back in.  While vehicle is not purely stock 
>because it has 58 full width bed on it instead of 56 narrow box I just do not 
>feel entirely correct in using a vintage classic vehicle to do this.  On other 
>hand NO ONE that I know or have seen has a 56 so it would be unique.
> Here is the question I want some input on.  In your eyes does this make me an 
>athiest or non believer or other type of vermin??
> Thanks 
> Dan Bentler

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