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Re: [Oletrucks] Fiberglass Question

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Subject: Re: [Oletrucks] Fiberglass Question
From: "James Hays" <thomasind@nventure.com>
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 06:50:52 -0700

I have a 94 LT1 in my 55 1st with elect fan/shroud - went out the left inner 
fender with stock ( Caprice ) 90 deg. rubber elbow off throttle body - MAF 
sensor - a rubber straight from the wrecking yard -  plastic 90 deg. from 
plumbing supply into fabricated metal box ( with cone filter ) - through 
radiator support with 2x8x2 belled duct from Caprice ( never been on the 
road but looks ok ). Can send pictures if interested.

I'm a retired tooling engineer - getting your foam out could be a real 
problem. I know a company that makes air ducts for Boeing. They make a 1/4'' 
thick plaster form of the inside of the duct with support extensions on 
ends - lay up the fiberglass over it - set up - break out the plaster.

You should be able to do similar - add ends on your foam to support it while 
you lay up the fiberglass ( being able to turn the foam will greatly assist 
fiberglass lay up ) - cut up your foam & reattach as slightly as possible 
allowing assistance for removal - seal the outside surface with aluminum 
foil as smoothly as possible - coat the aluminum foil with a few coats of 
car wax removing excess - lay up the fiberglass noting where to stop the 
duct allowing cutting to exact length later. Can furnish a sketch if 

Hope this helps,
55 1st 5 window P U

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Subject: [Oletrucks] Fiberglass Question

> Please provide insight on how to build a fiberglass cold air intake for my 
> 54.
> There is little room to the sides of the LT1 throttle body for an intake.
> Therefore, I must turn the intake up while fishing it under the serpantine
> belt and behind the electric fan.  I have a form made out of florists foam
> (dense green stuff).  Can I lay the glass right over the foam or should I 
> put
> some sort of release agent in between.  This is my first ever attempt at 
> using
> fiberglass and your wisdom is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rick Kremer
> 54 5 window - on the road but not happy

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