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Re: Which HVLP Spray System?

To: "John T. Blair" <>
Subject: Re: Which HVLP Spray System?
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 11:06:46 -0500
John T. Blair wrote:
> At 06:45 AM 6/8/98 -0500, Ronald Olds wrote:
> >
> >I'm considering buying a HVLP paint spray system to do a lot of the
> >painting on my TD restoration. I'm not sure that I'm up to doing the
> >actual finish spraying on the body, but would like to do a lot of the
> >other work.  Can any one recommend a middle range priced system that
> >will still do a good job. I am willing to listen to anyone advice or
> >recommendations on what I should do or more importantly what I
> >shouldn't do.
> Ron,
>   You don't mention weither you have a good compressor or not.  If you
> don't, IMHO I'd forgo the HVLP system and spent the money on a good
> compressor (min 6hp 20gal tank).  Then I'd buy a regular spray gun or
> two and the additional air tools.  While I understand that the VHLP
> and is supposed to be more economical from the wasted paint stand point,
> there are a lot of uses for a compressor during the restoration.
> If you have a good compressor and all the other tools you can think of,
> and just have $600 or so burning a hole in you pocket, then go for it.
> Just keep in mind that painting is about the only thing you'll be able
> to do with the HVLP system.
> Again, if you have a compressor, do you have a MIG welder?  Again, I'd
> spend the money on the MIG welder, and on and on.  Only after I had
> all the tools I and think of, would I invest in a HVLP rig.
> I purchased a Sears Craftsman 6hp, 30 gal tank, oil lubricated compressor
> when I started restoring my '65 Morgan back in '88.  It has been reliable,
> and a real work horse.  I have quite a few air tools and can't see working
> on a car with out it.  Then when I started restoring my '75 Bricklin and
> found that I had to replace sections of the chassis, I bought a Lincon
> SP150 MIG welder.  This too has proved to be a worth while investment.
> So far I haven't found the need for the HVLP system.  I've painted every
> piece of metal on the Morgan, the chassis and many other parts on the
> Bricklin, and painted my 89 Plymoth Voyager van, not to mention touch
> up work on my 77 Spitfire.
> You asked for all input, that's my 2 cents.
> John
> John T. Blair  WA4OHZ          email:
> Va. Beach, Va                  Phone:  (757) 495-8229
>               48 TR1800    65 Morgan 4/4 Series V
> 71 Saab Sonett III     75 Bricklin SV1     77 Spitfire
I sort of agree with John.  Rather than buying a system, buy a
compressor that has multiple uses and then get a HVLP gun.  I use a
Sharpe, but there are several newer that may be even better.  I believe
Eastwood had a recent sale on a Devilbiss?  John

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