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Re: drying air from a compressor

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Subject: Re: drying air from a compressor
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 18:43:49 -0400
At 11:46 AM 6/9/98 -0800, Mordecai Dunst wrote:
>What is a simple yet effective way of drying the air from a compressor
>running in a mildy humid enviroment.  The compressor is a 5hp sears 
>with a 30 gal tank.  It will be run "hard".  For a "sand blaster" type 


   As others have suggested, install the water trap some distance from
the compressor.

  Someone also mentined running the air hose through a refrig.  What I
did was,  got some soft copper tubing and used a 2 liter Coke bottle 
as a form and wond several coils of the coppper around it.  About 6 or
so.  The I took a couple of feet of hose and connected it from the 
output of the compressor to one end of this coil.  Connected another 
2 ft. of hose from the other end of the coil to the trap.  I put the 
coil in a bucket.  Now I can fill the bucket with water to help cool 
the air and I can fill a 2 liter bottle with water and freeze it, put 
it in the coil and in the water to help.  Now the problem I have is 
that the air gets pretty dry and cold comming out at the far end of 
the hose.  So now I get water condensing in the spray pattern.

I want to build another coil that will fit over the jugs of my compressor
and connect a hose to this coil and to the output from the water trap.
Then connect the main outgoing air line to the other end of the heating
coil.  Just haven't tried it yet.

For some other ideas, and tips on painting, check out the article
on painting on my Morgan web page:

Go to the "Restoration articles" section.


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