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Subject: RE: Lifts
From: Keith Kaplan <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 13:04:43 -0700
I'm getting close to buying a Rotary lift this summer.
is their url.  They have several 2 post style lifts for hoisting cars to
work on them.  Since you own an MG, you must not have many occasions to work
on your car. <g>  A friend of mine has a Rotary 2 post lift at his house and
he likes it.  I can't say as I know anybody who has a hoist in their home
shop and doesn't like it.

If you want a 4 post lift you can easily drive a car onto to provide more
parking, you might look into AutoLifters.  They advertise in Hemmings and
they have pretty reasonable prices.  It looks like Rotary's lightest 4 post
lift could heft about 6 MGs, and might cost more than you'd like to spend.
I don't know if either place can ship to Canada.  Also make sure you have
enough electrical power in your garage to run whatever you get -- most lifts
are 220 (single phase) and need some pretty high current -- 25 or 30 amps.
I know AutoLifters makes one of their smallest 2 post lifts in 110v, and all
you give up is a little bit of lifting speed.

If anybody wants to tell me anything about either Rotary or Northwest Sales
Group (their Seattle area dealer) before I make this investment, please do.
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> Is there a good car lift FAQ out there?
>   I'm really looking for a stacker more than a lift, something
> that would allow me to cram one more car into my small garage.
>   Price is of course a big point, I can't spent $4000 to lift
> a $2000 car.
>   Any tips/ideas/experience?
>   (or lifts for sale!)
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> Trevor Boicey, Ottawa, Canada.
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