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Re[2]: Portable Generators

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Subject: Re[2]: Portable Generators
From: "Mordecai Dunst"<>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 98 11:24:07 -0800

Propane has less btu output than does gasoline.  But, its shelf life is nearly 
indefinite.  What I did is place a 300 gal propane resevoir tank by my motorhome
which has a propane APU (auxiliarly power unit/generator.)  I can use power from
the motorhome for the house.

Subject: RE: Portable Generators 
Author:  Mark Miller <>  at INTERNET
Date:    06/22/98 10:30 AM

        Lets add to the question: what do you all think of the gas (propane
or natural gas) generators.  I like the idea of not having gasoline around 
and, usually, having a continuous fuel supply.  A couple of 20 pound propane 
tanks (doing double duty with a BBQ)  for the times that the piped supply is 
out along with the electricity - a rare occurrence (I only lost gas service 
once - during the 89 quake).
        Thoughts?  vendors?
        Mark Miller
> John Miller wrote:
> > Oh Boy. The Year 2000 bug looks like a boon to my shop! 
> >
> > My lovely wife (a systems analyst at a rather large trucking company) 
> > came home last night after one of her many bouts with Y2K paperwork
> > to announce that we should have a good supply of food and supplies 
> > on hand when zero hour hits.
> >
> > In particular, she said that we should have a portable generator, too!
> > Well, well.  I've been eyeing these for some time, and a serious concern 
> > had been the "wife acceptance factor". Now that thats no longer an
> issue,
> > What should I buy???
> >
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