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Re: digital cameras

To: "Mordecai Dunst"<>, <shop-talk@Autox.Team.Net>,
Subject: Re: digital cameras
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:52:57 -0800
>     Any experience with digital Cameras? Basically, looking for simple yet 

  The only experience I have is the Kodak 120 and 210. I have borrowed the
120 from a friend many times and been impressed with it, its a 2 year old
model I don't know if they made changes since then on that model.  The 210
is supposed to be higher resolution, meaning higher quality pictures, but
the zoom on it is AWFUL.  Its not a 2X zoom, its a 1X to 2X lens with no in
between.  You either get your picture large or small.  The 120 has a 3X
zoom and its what I call a true zoom, you can stop when you have framed the
car part correctly and shoot.  And personally I can't tell a difference in
the picture quality.  I have only borrowed the 210 once and I can't count
the number of times I have borrowed the 120.

  Santa has been made very well aware that she had better have a 120 in her
bag for me.


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