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Re: Sagging shed door

Subject: Re: Sagging shed door
From: Joe Flake <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:22:00 -0500 (EST)
Lee wrote:
> I have a small (10' x 12') shed on which the door is sagging so that I have 
> to lift it slightly to get it to close.  What's the best way to shore up 
> my door?  The hinges are the long "barn-door" type.  

You know it's a different world when the technology of the
Internet is involved in fixing a sagging door...

BTW:  Nice looking shed!

It isn't clear from the photos, but it looks like the door is
made of plywood siding.  If so, then IT isn't shifting as a door
made of individual boards might be.  Thus the usual "sagging door"
fix of connecting upper hinge area with lower swinging corner of
the door won't help.  (These pull a sagging door back into 
"square" and works nicely with such things as gates and
screen doors.)

So the problem must be either wear in the pins of the hinges
themselves, or wear in the screw connections holding hinges to
the door and the shed itself.

If, when you lift the door to shut it, you see movement in the
hinges, consider just replacing them with similar or perhaps
slightly heavier hinges.  Be sure to lift the outer edge of the
door, taking up any slack when attaching the hinges!

Probably there's loosness in the screws where they attach the hinges
to the door.  (looks like some paint chipping -- perhaps from
an attempt to retighten).  If so, you may try the bandaid 
approach and use a bigger wood screw.  Might work -- for awhile.
I suspect a larger hinge might help, giving you a new pattern
to screw into, and a chance to start with a comfortably larger
wood screw.  You may want to consider a backing board on the
inside of the door to give a better anchor for the screws (I
hate the combination of wood screws and plywood!).  Or maybe use
carriage bolts or similar hardware to go all the way through the
door for a solid mount.

Also be sure there isn't movement between the decorative trim
pieces (the white boards in the photo) and the door or the shed

Others will probably have other/better ideas.


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