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Tool for a loved one

Subject: Tool for a loved one
From: Eric J Petrevich/LRM<>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 11:37:48 -0500
Well, I figured out what my girlfriend wants more than anything this 
Christmas.  She wants her OWN set of tools! (Damn, I love this woman! 8>)) 
So I decided that I will get her a good beginner set of tools and tool box 
for her.  Only problem is that I don't have any real idea where to start. 
I've put my set together over the years and I don't know what to look for 
in a beginner set.

Here is the background. This summer, I got her a motorcycle. It was a 
project bike that we were both working on.  She did clutch work, carbs, and 
other light stuff.  This winter, she wants to do a complete rebuild.  Now, 
I've got all the tools she'll need, but she wants her own set (I can't 
argue with that!) 
So, I wanted to know just what to look for in a "starter set" 
First off, I want quality.  Snap-on and Mac are out for price reasons (I 
can't afford to pay those prices for a "duplicate set" of tools)
Craftsman was my first choice, but a trip to the local Home Depot and I see 
that they now carry a "lifetime guarantee brand" of tools.  I've been 
impressed with the quality of them also.  Plus, HD is much easy to replace 
something than Sears around here.
So, to the questions...
1- is the HD stuff worth it?
2-What should a "starter" kit contain?
3-what type of tool box should I get? (1 piece carry style)

Thanks in advance for the help.  I'm pretty psyched that I found someone 
who loves tools as much as I do!


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