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RE: Water Alarm

Subject: RE: Water Alarm
From: Lee Daniels <>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 13:36:17 -0600
>I know I've seen those little water alarms in some catalog.  You know the
>ones, stick the sensor on the floor and the cord runs to the buzzer that

If you want a lot more technology (for more $$) check on a more
sophisticated system.  Look at some of the systems at --
search for "waterbug", "sensaphone", and "water cop".  The sensaphone
system calls you at up to 4 or 8 numbers to report a problem.  Oh... it's
not cheap, but not expensive if it saves you $10,000.  These are compatible
with X10 or other home automation systems. (sorry, don't want to get
started on that again).

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