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Finish Nailers, was, Re: Framing nailers, HF or other

To: Karl Vacek <>,
Subject: Finish Nailers, was, Re: Framing nailers, HF or other
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 22:20:08 -0400
I don't know about HF, but I do have experience with Porter Cable from Home
Depot.  There is (was?  I got this in 1998) a large model with straight sticks
that went up to a 2.5 inch nail.  To get to the longer sizes a spacer is
inserted in the end of the magazine to help guide it.  What I found at the time
was a huge price jump to get to this capacity.  The $100 and under units only go
to about 2 inches; my Porter Cable sold for about $200.  But, it was well worth
it.  Tiny holes for filling, no rosebuds, and much faster.  I did all the
interior trim on my second floor addition (an "up" on a small ranch house) and
it was worth far more than the $200 when I was through.  And I have used it lots
of times since then.  Even on my shed, with T-111 siding, I glued and then
nailed the siding to the framing with the finish nailer, adjusting only to more
nails than I would have used with conventional nails.  The nails are galvanized
and the holes are so small that they are not noticeable at all, especially after
the opaque stain.

Karl Vacek wrote:

> "PJ McGarvey" <> wrote...
> > With my finish and brad nailers this isn't an issue
> Related subject:
> As long as you mentioned finish nailers, can you or anyone give any reviews
> on HF or other low-priced finish nailers?
> I need to trim out my entire downstairs with oak - both baseboards and
> casings, and the walls are plaster on rock lath a little over 1" thick.
> Therefore, I need a finish nailer that can shoot a fairly long nail through
> tough stuff.  I'm a little worried that the HF ones may be inadequate, but
> that's just from prejudice - I haven't tried one.
> Thanks!

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