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RE: 1992 Dodge Ram 350 Cargo Van

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Subject: RE: 1992 Dodge Ram 350 Cargo Van
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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 10:26:57 -0700
Gene, I had a 1991 Dodge B250 van (3/4 ton), with the 5.9 liter engine,
automatic trans, and a 3.9 (or was that 3.7 diff ratio?).  I sold it after
12 years, it had 250,000 miles.  I never did any work to the engine,
transmission or differential.  I did have to change some 'auxiliary' items;
like fuel pump, alternator, starter, etc.  It was a GREAT vehicle. I still
see it driving around town.

I towed both a 5500 lb travel trailer, and my race car on a flat bed.  It
will tow fine.  I will say, my wife's new 2003 Durango R/T has a lot more
torque and HP than the 1991 van, although they had the "same" engine.
Obviously engine technology has changed in 12 years. 

350 means it is a half ton.  It will probably have a 5.9L engine.  Your gas
mileage will suck.

Larry Hoy

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> Subject: 1992 Dodge Ram 350 Cargo Van
> Anyone have experience owning a 1992 Dodge Ram 350 Cargo Van? 
>  I'm going to look at one for sale tomorrow.  I intend to use 
> it for towing a 1500 lb car around, and hauling car stuff.  
> If I buy it, it will be my first Dodge and my first heavy-duty van.
> Anyone have pro or con experiences with this particular model 
> van, or with Dodge vans in general? What to look for as far 
> as problem areas, maintenance concerns, etc. Engine is 
> supposed to be a gas V8-does 350 refer to the engine size?
> Thanks,
> Gene

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