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RE: Antifreeze testing

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Subject: RE: Antifreeze testing
From: "Mullen, Tim \(IIS\)" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:52:25 -0500
nick brearley wrote:
> Recent years I've moved away from replacing coolant on a 
> two year cycle and gone over to testing for freeze 
> protection <...> If anyone can see a flaw in this 
> thinking I'd be grateful to hear it before the chickens 
> come home to roost.

Just one flaw.  Anti-freeze protection is just one function of the
coolant.  It also provides lubrication for water pump seals, and
anti-corrosion protection for the metal in the engine/cooling system.
Although the anti-freeze protection doesn't wear out (it should pretty
much last forever), the rest of the stuff is used up.  That's why you
need to change the coolant periodically - not because it won't stop
things from freezing.

Tim Mullen

Chantilly, VA

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