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RE: Air line piping

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Yes, that's it....guess I am getting a little dyslexic.....Air Chem....Chem
Air.....well I was close enough that somebody figured it out...

One other thing to remember.....make a flexible connection between your air
compressor and the piping to eliminate vibration and eventual fatigue by
using a large diameter high pressure hose....I had a shop make me up such a
fitting out of hydraulic hose.

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>B)Don't use regular PVC pipe...if it gets hit under pressure you will
>get "fragged"....the better solution is to contact a large plumbing
>supply house and have them provide you with some literature on "Air
>Chem"....this is a special heavy duty green PVC pipe made specifically
>for airlines. It does require their special primer and cement. The Air
>Chem System does have lots of neat special items like "riser drops"
>that reduce the amount of water getting to your tools.

Is the product you mean "Chem Aire"?  Link:

Link for technical literature:

This looks like really neat stuff!

The tech lit even has an example shop piping layout shown on page 14.

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