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RE: Low-voltage (12V) LED lights

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Subject: RE: Low-voltage (12V) LED lights
From: "Mullen, Tim" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 15:46:03 -0500
> LED's are to some extent a binary device. The do not put
> out any light until the voltage reaches a certain level.
> Then they conduct and put out light. But unless something
> is done to limit the current while they are in the
> conducting/light giving mode, they will be destroyed a
> few seconds later.

I am certainly not an expert on such things, but I've also been of the
understanding that one way to "dim" LEDs is to pulse them - turn the
electricity on an off - the more "on", the brighter they appear, the
more "off" the dimmer they are.

I believe that some of the newer cars with LED tail lights work this way
- tail lights operating "dim", and full on for brake lights.

Or I may be completely wrong, and that doesn't solve the problem of
dimming the LEDs based on a wall switch mounted dimmer...

Tim Mullen

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