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Re: [Shop-talk] Socket holders

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Socket holders
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 01:37:06 +0000
yeah, mine are all snap-on rails (or at least snap-on sockets were that they 
were holding).  I think the problem we have here is the rust as much as 
anything.  it's so humid here the clips rust, and then you're hosed.

have you ever tried the plastic 'clips' with the detent ball?  I wonder if 
they're any better.

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From: "David Scheidt" <>

> there's a substantial difference in the quality of the clips, I find.
> Most of my rails are Snap-On, as they're what the sockets come on.
> These work much better than the crappy ones I got from horrible fright
> or the like.  Grab the rail in one hand, the socket  with three
> fingers on the other, twist in opposite directions, and the socket
> pops right off.  The cheap ones tend to be too tight or too loose.
> They do require two hands, but I don't find that to be a problem.  The
> time I save not having to chase down loose sockets the first time I
> drop the carrier makes up for it.

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