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Subject: [Shop-talk] tools-wholesale-retail
From: "FRED E THOMAS" <>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 16:39:17 -0400
A few thoughts on this subject, lets compare "Wally'S Plumbing and Tools
located in "Muscle Flats" Alabama and Home Depot located "nationwide, Wally is
in need of this new super, duper ratchet new on the market, so he places a
extra large order for his selling area, the same tool is ordered by the Home
Depot  National Office, one orders 12 and the other orders 40,000 of the same
exact wrench, whom do think gets the better price and can sell for less, H.D.
of course, price is determined by needs/sales/volume, "NO" national chain is
going to risk a injury to a customer by buying "seconds" or second class mdse
and trying to retail it as first line, the more you can make your order the
cheaper your manufacturer can make it. Tools are made to mostly do one job,
now if you are a front line mechanic, doing this as your only source of
income, you certainly have a need for the more expensive tool than me "John
Doe" using this tool maybe once a month in my hobby, are there cheap tools in
the market place, "YES" and they fit a need and have a place for them and not
by the line mechanic. Price does not have anything to do with "QUALITY", price
is more for a need, inexpensive tools will be called "JUNK" by line mechanic's
as they should be, but , not by the hobbiest working maybe 2 hours a week.
"WAL-MART" along with many other chains put the small so-called "wholesalers"
out of business a long time ago with volumn buying and massive retailing and
not as sellers of "seconds mdse", they have very strict buying codes and abide
by the honesty the public has placed upon them and that is called "Success"

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