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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] a(nother) plumbing question
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 21:05:08 +0000
I know our rental was only 1/2" from the street.  nonetheless, the fixture 
requires 1" in, so I thought I'd go overkill now so I don't have to later (I 
suspect the plans for the master bath include something like the bathroom I'm 
doing now, only bigger/more).  

I basically need to figure out how to get the pressure up after the well tank, 
and what material I should use for the pipes.  they're going through the attic 
no matter what, since I'm not going to crack up the slab.

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From: "Carl Lindahl" <>
> Where I live I have been looking at new construction in the city. Even the
> largest house I looked at only had a 3/4" water connection coming from the
> city, this house was over 10,000 sqFT with I believe 7 bathrooms total, and
> a master bedroom / bathroom that was definatly overkill.
> I would agree with the opinion that you need to fix the pressure first,
> before addressing anything else. You can easily insulate 1" or greater
> piping, and if you step up from the stuff at Home Depot / Lowes to more
> industrial steam and chilled water insulation, you can keep ALOT of the heat
> in the pipe.
> If you choose PVC as the material to use do not use just PVC, choose CPVC
> because they are indeed different, and at temperature / pressure, I believe
> CPVC is rated for hot (er) water.
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