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[Shop-talk] recovering kitchen counter

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Subject: [Shop-talk] recovering kitchen counter
From: "Chadwick E. Labno" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 21:17:01 -0500
My 30 year old kitchen counter tops are covered with a Formica type laminate
and I need to recover them. Can I install new Formica type laminate over 
the old
laminate or do I need to remove it. If removal is not required what 
surface preparation
is suggested. If removal of the old laminate is necessary what is the 
best way to do this.
I have a 3 foot water damaged section so I figured this is a good time 
to upgrade from
faux butcher block to a more modern faux granite. Thanks in advance for 
your help.
Support Team.Net

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