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Re: [Shop-talk] Trickle Chargers - operating Costs...Energy savings

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Trickle Chargers - operating Costs...Energy savings
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Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 12:59:01 -0500 time a house wiring project comes up. Split the top and bottom
duplexes and have all of the top ones only come on at off-peak time...

But on another energy-saving thought in new construction...
Be sure to look into Insulated Concrete Forms or similar (I think ECHO or
ECKO is a competitor) for new construction.  Initially, they rec'd using a
50% reduction in calculating HVAC design 60-70%.
An efficient cool/heat house is a win-win in every direction; the ICF costs
about 11% more FOR THE FRAMING vs stick-frame with 2x4 on my shop and house.
(Any GC's out there who can tell us what the framing cost is rel to total
cost?)....payback is under 5 years for the examples I calculated with older
numbers (2004).  
"on a sinking ship, fix the biggest hole first"


<<I also have the peak - off peak rates.  Twelve overnight hours a day at
4 cents a kw and 12 hours at 16-17 cents a kw.  So you really look at
keeping everything off that you can during the peak time.

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