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Re: For Sale

To: Ron Soave <redlotus@spacey.net>
Subject: Re: For Sale
From: David Wood <dewood@sentex.net>
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 22:32:04 -0400
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Does this mean you will be following him with a pooper scooper now?

Ron Soave wrote:
> For sale:
> 1996 Labrador Retriever, low miles, color:yellow.  Comes with several LBC
> parts in stomach, including a rocker bushing (worn), vented oil cap, and
> several metal "Austin" and "Patent" rocker cover plates.  Parts new, never
> used.  Foolish previous owner left parts where dog could eat them while
> working on wife's NBC (normal boring car).   Will trade dog for similar
> value in parts, new or used.

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